2017-05-06 10:45 to 2017-05-06 12:15

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Secure Cloud: Linode With Full Disk Encryption

With the cloud's increasing popularity across the business spectrum, the issue of securing data and systems deployed in the cloud has become critically important.  Encryption, especially of data at rest, is a near constant topic of discussion and of the various approaches to encryption in the cloud, each has various trade-offs.  For some threat profiles, encrypting a single partition is sufficient.  However, for enhanced security against physical compromise, full disk encryption (FDE) is a viable, though difficult to deploy in the cloud, option.  Learn how to deploy FDE in the cloud. While there are many cloud providers, this talk will discuss, step-by-step, and demonstrate how to provision a new Linode virtual server with full disk encryption.  Anyone interested in hosting services and/or data in the cloud in a secure manner will benefit from this talk.  Some of the specific topics covered in the talk include:

  • Different encryption options for data at rest, including which options are offered by popular cloud providers
  • How different encryption options protect against different threats
  • The pros and cons of full disk encryption in a cloud environment
  • The types of protection full disk encryption provides and does not provide
  • A detailed HOWTO for deploying a Linode virtual server with full disk encryption
  • Unique issues associated with managing a virtual server with full disk encryption

By the end of the talk attendees will understand how to arrive at their own decision regarding which cloud encryption option best suits their needs and will have seen a complete deployment of a Linode virtual server with full disk encryption.