The goal of LinuxFest Northwest is to bring together fun, smart, open minds in the community. People learn, teach and share. LinuxFest Northwest is a free and open community event. Anyone can attend the Fest presentations and exhibits at no charge.

Sponsors provide LinuxFest Northwest with the support needed to put on such an event, while keeping admission free.

Connect with the amazingly talented and diverse groups of Open Source users, sysadmins, developers, designers, community leaders by sponsoring LinuxFest Northwest.

Contact us at sponsor@linuxfestnorthwest.org.

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Exhibitor Levels

Title - SOLD OUT (MailChimp)

Our main supporting sponsor. This includes lunch/t-shirts for 6 members, a large prominent booth in the front of the expo hall, your logo on the LFNW front page, and your logo alongside the LinuxFest Northwest and BTC logos for videos. This is an exclusive sponsorship.

10' Booth Space - Sold Out (Logo on Tier 1 of Sponsor Page)

The suggested booth for the majority of commercial organizations. Includes lunch/t-shirts for 4 members and your logo on the LFNW sponsors page.

5' Table - Sold Out (Logo on Tier 2 of Sponsor Page)

This booth is for smaller organizations, and includes lunch/t-shirts for 2 members and your logo on the LFNW sponsors page.

Event Exclusive Opportunities (Logo on Sponsor Page)

  • Friday Night Party         $2000

  • Saturday Night Party     SOLD OUT (Amazon Web Services)
  • Lanyards                       Not Available

Event Extras

These are available as add-ons to existing sponsorships or standalone items.

  • Full Page Badge Ad in event schedule brochure: All 3 Sold Out
  • To make Raffle Prize Donations, Please contact us at sponsor@linuxfestnorthwest.org Your Logo will be displayed on the Sponsor Page and World Famous Raffle page as a Community Supporter. Credit will be also given during the raffle.

Community / Non-Profits (Sold out)

Non-profit table submissions: Sold Out

A great deal ‐ for you and the community.

LinuxFest Northwest is put on as a partnership between Bellingham Technical College's Information Technology department and the Community based LinuxFest Northwest Organizing Committee. These two groups work at no cost to provide staffing for this annual event. With this partnership, our venue and infrastructure costs are kept to under $30/person for over 1500 attendees. We pass this savings onto our sponsors while still providing a world class event. The presents an opportunity to get your brand in front of and develop more and better relationships with the frontline technicians, developers and decision makers that make up a significant part of our attendees. Your sponsorship supports our shared interest in spreading of knowledge and expertise in the open source world.


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