Tutorial: Introduction to Blender

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Blender is a complete 3D animation suite that can do it all, but its interface can be daunting even to those with 3D experience. This introductory course will first show some of Blender's amazing capabilities and a top-down view of the entire 3D pipeline. Then we'll cover the introductory basics of Blender's interface, navigation, and modeling basics; your first hour in Blender will be the hardest, so let's get it out of the way! Lastly, we'll have a Q&A session where attendees can ask about any aspects of Blender they're struggling with or interested in. 

Experience level: 
Session Time Slot(s): 
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Learning Objectives: 
  • Understand the basic pipeline of creating assets for 3D animation
  • Learn Blender's basic interface, navigation, and program conventions
  • Start editing your first 3D model

0-20 minutes: introductions, Blender examples, animation pipeline explanation

20-70 minutes: Interface, navigation, program conventions, basic modeling.

70-90 minutes: Q&A

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?: 
  • Beginners interested in Blender for creating 3D assets
  • 3D printing afficionados
  • Python Programmers
  • Game creators
  • Anyone who might want to use Blender to affect content
Prerequisites for this Course: 
  • 3 Button mouse preferred
  • Keyboard with a number pad preferred
  • Depending on your computer/OS, modify your F keys so programs get scope before the OS
Dev Environments: 
Tutorial Length: 
90 Minutes
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