Database Automation; Using PostgreSQL and Linux Containers in the Enterprise

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Automation is THE big thing these days. Software delivery and infrastructure changes in regards to provisioning, creating and tearing down servers, is no longer a niche activity for only the largest and most complex networks. Nowadays, everybody is racing to automate their environments and achieving an ever faster DEV-QA-PRODUCTION Life-Cycle. Better than ordinary application containers, OS containers are the best way to manage your PostgreSQL servers.

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Learning Objectives: 

We will demonstrate how easy PostgreSQL DBA tasks become in a virtual/cloud environment, including:
- Provisioning
- Replication
- Standby Servers
- Backups
- Snapshots
- Upgrades (binary and cluster)
- Rollbacks


This talk describes and walks through the installation of the following technologies:
- The ZFS file system
- The Linux Container infrastructure
- Example containers i.e. Debian, Centos, Ubuntu etc
- The PostgreSQL RDBMS

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?: 

Systems administrators,
Full stack developer(s),
Managers/team leaders

Prerequisites for this Course: 

There are three 'magical' qualities one can benefit when on the road to mastering PostgreSQL:

- DBA stuff (of course)
- Systems Administration (know your linux, be comfortable on the command line)
- Be comfortable compiling source code

Dev Environments: 
Linux (Redhat, Fedora, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu)
Training Type: 
Tutorial Length: 
2.5 Hours