2017-05-06 13:00 to 2017-05-06 14:00

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Using Redis with other DBs to store application data

Practiical lesssons from real world uses of Redis to scale applications:
* Redis for caching.
* Redis for background jobs.
* Permanently storing data in Redis.  Using Sorted Sets to create a Leaderboard with rapidly changing data.
* Keeping data in sync bwn Redis and other DBs.
I will provide examples and talk about specific use cases where we were able to quickly and reliably solve problems with Redis.  Attendeees should have some Redis experience (understanding different data types, commands, TTL, etc) prior to this talk.  Code samples will be in Ruby on Rails but knowledge of Rails is not necessary to attend.  
This talk is based on articles I have written at http://dmitrypol.github.io/ or https://twitter.com/dmitrypol.