2017-05-06 14:15 to 2017-05-06 15:15

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Global Trends in Software Patents & Policies

Have you ever wondered how patents and policy initiatives shape the global software landscape? Software patents often pose challenges for free software developers, especially those who are innovative, but not very deep-pocketed. As software becomes ubiquitous, concerns about device standards, ideas about the scope of patentability and the balance between the public interest with the drive for innovation is being grappled with all over the world.

This talk offers a high level view of how that conversation is progressing in different kinds of economies and offer resources for further education on several less well known topics. In particular, both China and India have large innovative economies and are making policy today that may affect the global software industry for decades to come. With a deeper understanding of where things are headed, the free software community will be ready to impactfully address and respond to trends in the future.

This session is for anyone who is interested in global trends and patent policy. No prior knowledge is required.