2017-05-07 12:30 to 2017-05-07 13:30

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The New Toy Story: the Trojan Barbie Doll (Privacy Gets Privatized)

This session will focus on privacy rights, legal and illusory, in the world of the Internet of Things.  Big Brother may or may not be watching (and listening), but big business certainly is.  Is the IOT enabling you to create a DIY digital dossier of yourself for others?  Whatever privacy rights you may have had, you probably waived or forfeited them when you agreed to those lengthy Terms of Service that no one ever reads and no one understands.

Attendees should have a modicum of awareness of what the IOT is.  Too much awareness, however, will be deemed inherently suspicious.

Trigger Warning: This session may result in an increase of general unease... or a decrease in caring.  Attendees may walk away paranoid or bored, depending on whether they even care about personal privacy.




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