2017-05-07 09:30 to 2017-05-07 10:30

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Microsoft, Linux, Open Source, Cloud + DevOps

During the past year, Microsoft has made significant contributions to the Open Source community. We have open sourced tools such as Visual Studio Code, PowerShell Core, NET Core, and even added support for Bash to Windows 10. In this session I will teach you how you can use these open source tools in your dev and production environments to implement DevOps best practices such as source control and continuous update in conjunction with Microsoft’s Azure cloud. If you have ever wanted to get started with web apps and version control, I will show you how you can use the integrated terminal within VS Code to edit local code and automatically push to a published website hosted in Microsoft Azure. Come on out and learn how to safely build and deploy a website, with version control and CD included, in just 45 minutes!