2017-05-07 10:45 to 2017-05-07 11:45

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I've Got a Patent Troll Fever & the Only Cure is More Community

Patent trolls in the United States drain an estimated $80 billion every year from our economy. Even though less than 1% of all defendants in troll suits are ultimately found to have infringed on a valid patent, the cost of defense is so high that 80% of them give up and settle before trial.

We all may wish that a wizard would appear and magic away the trolls, but in the meantime, everyone from startups and non-profits to multi-billion-dollar international companies are being attacked with lawsuits and legal threats. Worst of all, over 80% of the assets that trolls are using to go after ordinary businesses originated at other ordinary companies -- just look at the patents!

Instead of approaching the problem from the legislative side, what if we could create a community to protect those who innovate and create from the bad apples who produce neither product nor service, don't contribute to the FOSS community, and exist only to sue?

The LOT Network is exactly that community. LOT is a non-profit collaboration between companies and organizations committed to protecting themselves long-term against trolls and their patent lawsuits. Network members partner with other like-minded companies who believe good corporate citizens don’t monetize patents through patent trolls. Members include global brands, FOSS startups and many smaller companies that could otherwise be wiped out by a single patent troll lawsuit.

Come find out how LOT is inoculating the Wikimedia Foundation, FOSS router company Sabai Technology, and everyone from Asana to Zedge against the threat of Patent Trolls. Learn why you should bring your company on board and how you can help us get more FOSS startups and small companies into the LOT Network where they will be immunized against over 630,000 patent assets.