2017-05-07 13:45 to 2017-05-07 14:45

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Choosing an Open Source PBX: Using FreePBX in the Enterprise

We'll tell a story about how our institution saved 5 to 6 digits of budget by implementing FreePBX in our environment. FreePBX is a robust and enterprise ready, SIP phone system for organizations large and small that uses CentOS and Asterisk as its base. The session will lead through our decision making process from realizing our Cisco based solution was in need of replacement to our go live in 2016.

I'll give a demonstration of the product and talk about some of the immediate wins that we found by using an open source project paired with paid add-ons.

Attendees need no previous experience and they should be prepared to consider the replacement of their own proprietary phone systems in their organizations.

For more information on the FreePBX project, see their website at http://freepbx.org